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10,000 Downloads For hudson-remote-api gem

hudson-remote-api has reached 10,000 download! Great to see people using it! Thanks to all who  have downloaded and used the gem.

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Hudson/Jenkins API in Ruby

I updated the README on my Jenkins (Hudson) API gem. Checkout it out, it highlights the gem’s capabilities much better now. Once again thanks to everyone who contributed to this gem!

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hudson-remote-api 0.6.0

Updates to hudson-remote-api gem: Git SCM support Build triggers support Thanks to beeplove for contributing.

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capistrano + jenkins

Yet another ruby gem: jenkins_cap This one allows you to tie your Capistrano deployment to your Jenkins build, such that a deployment only occurs if the revision (SVN) has been successfully built on Jenkins. The gem pulls data from Jenkin’s

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Hudson (Jenkins) Ruby Gem 0.3.1

Looks like my humble little ruby gem has gathered some interest on GitHub =) It’s great to see other people working with the code base and expanding upon it. I just finished merging the latest pull requests and released

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Hudson Ruby Gem

Today I created my first Ruby gem and published it on Gemcutter: hudson-remote-api. The source code is available on GitHub: This gem allows you to interact with Hudson’s remote access api using Ruby. So far the features include triggering

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