On Not Giving a Fuck

This is just to say.
Not a single fuck was given today.


Today I realized I’ve spent way too much time giving a fuck about shit that just doesn’t matter. I see now how closely not giving a fuck ties in with Buddhism. It is not about disregarding everything and being reckless. Rather it is about focusing on what matters and what is important to you and letting the rest of the bullshit go. In other words, enlightenment is not giving a fuck.

That’s a simple idea to conceptualize but to truly live by not giving a fuck requires a lot of life experience. It means dealing with enough crap in your life that you can easily recognize what will have lasting importance in your life and what is just crap that won’t matter to you in the long run.

A warning here is important: Not giving a fuck is not about being jaded or cynical. Jadedness and cynicism lead to nihilism. By the nihilist point of view life is meaningless and even giving a fuck about not giving a fuck is pointless.

Rather the point is to become grounded in your reality. Grounded in what it is that matters to you. Grounded in what is worth giving a fuck about to you. When you are firmly grounded in this every fuck you give will matter. It will matter to you and people will recognize this. It may or may not matter to them but they will at least respect the firmness of your conviction whenever you do give a fuck.

If you live by this people will accept when you don’t give a fuck. Everyone wants you to give a fuck about the shit they give a fuck about. But too often we get caught up in giving a fuck about shit that doesn’t matter and everyone knows this. When you say “no I don’t give a fuck” you are letting people know that you do not want to be caught up in their bullshit. People will either recognize that and accept it or start creating more bullshit.

By reserving your fucks to only what truly matters to you you are living in balance like a Buddha. You spend no extraneous effort on what is not important to you. You are connected and grounded in reality. Any facade you were trying to uphold and maintain falls away and only your true being remains. Once you are comfortable with that your life opens up and becomes spacious enough to be filled with what truly matters to you. Things such as love, happiness, joy, caring friendships, health, and wealth will replace all the shit you wasted your time and energy giving a fuck about.

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