Command Line Interface for Pingdom API

At Gorilla Nation we use Pingdom to monitor our websites. We have a lot of websites so in order to automatically add/remove our websites from Pingdom I created a command line interface to Pingdom’s API. My command line interface is based on drcraig’s python module for Pingdom.

pingdom-cli allows you to easily create, read, update and delete Pingdom checks:

usage: ./pingdom-cli COMMAND CHECK_NAME [PARAMS]

        add       - add a check
        delete    - delete a check by name
        info      - get JSON dump of check info
        modify    - modify a check
        listnames - list all check names
        listids   - list all check ids
        listsites - list all HTTP checks
        credits   - return info on remaining checks and credits

Adding a check:

./pingdom-cli add
{u'check': {u'id': 443593, u'name': u''}}

Modifying a check:

./pingdom-cli modify  '{"host" : "" }'
{u'message': u'Modification of check was successful!'}

Deleting a check:

./pingdom-cli delete
Deleting check 443593
{u'message': u'Deletion of check was successful!'}
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