Hudson Ruby Gem

Today I created my first Ruby gem and published it on Gemcutter: hudson-remote-api.
The source code is available on GitHub:

This gem allows you to interact with Hudson’s remote access api using Ruby. So far the features include triggering builds, disabling jobs, copying jobs, updating job configuration and more.

I have used this set of scripts to automated many tasks with Hudson. Here are some examples of what you can do.

Get a list of all Hudson jobs currently building:


List all Hudson jobs in the build queue:


Get the next build number for a Hudson job:

job ='jobname')

Trigger a build:

job ='jobname')

Create a new Hudson job to build from an SVN branch:

job1 ='jobname')
job2 = job1.copy
job2.repository_url = job2.repository_url.sub("trunk", "branches")
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